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1 McLeod’s, Longboarder Lager 5.2% 500ml

A deliciously subtle hop flavour and aroma with a crisp, smooth finish. Just like our local break at Waipu Cove!

2 Boneface, The Darkness India Stout 5.8% 330ml

Hoppy stouts are becoming an increasingly popular style, particularly as the weather begins to turn chilly. There are similar debates to IPL (Indian Pale Lager – see above) regarding the name of this style, but all that really matters is what is in the glass.

3 Hoegaarden, Grand Cru 8.5% 330ml

Grand Cru is Hoegaarden’s masterpiece. But let’s try to keep things modest. It has a fantastic cloudy orange colour, an amazing fruity aroma and an unsurpassed complex, sweet and bitter taste. The subtle spices and citrus notes are the cherry on top. There, that was subtle.

4 Sunshine Brewing, Double Happy Imperial IPA 8% 500ml

Named after the famous Double Happy firecrackers, this restrained double IPA (coming in at 8%) has a broad English malt palate, which holds its fine but lengthy bitterness. This beer displays a lifted intense spicy grapefruit and citrus nose that drags you into the glass.

5 Garage Project, Petite Mort 5.3% 330 ml

The little death, a rustic but beguiling blonde farmhouse ale, fermented with a cocktail of brettanomyces and saison yeast and finished with a generous dose of Wai-iti hops. Each sip begins a little journey, at first refreshingly different and delightfully drinkable, then building with bright notes of fresh spring grass and gentle floral perfume to a peak of tart pineapple and hoppy lemon citrus. Finish and allow yourself a little moment of bliss.

6 Graphic Brewing, Origin Story 5% 440 ml

Origin Story Citrus APA is a malty, fruity and hoppy Pale Ale, and is the first beer to be packaged by Graphic Brewing Company. This well rounded Pale Ale starts off straight forward, but gets interesting. It's slightly sweet, but also bitter. It's from the capable combo of Dale and Nolen, and it's full of fun and flavour!

7 Behemoth, AmeriKiwi Amber Ale 5.5% 440ml

This beer is made to celebrate the marriage of Andrew Childs (The Beer Giraffte) and Hannah Miller (a lady butcher). The brewer and the butcher. To celebrate their nuptials, they decided to brew an American Amber Ale with a Kiwi twist, using some of their favourite US and NZ hops over a solid malt base - a perfect marriage of flavour one might say. Here's to the happy (or should that be hoppy) couple. Chur! 

8 8 Wired, Hippy Berliner Cucumber 4% 440ml

If you like Hippy Berliner, or other sour ales from 8 Wired, then this is for you. Super pleasant to drink, with only moderate alcohol and a refreshing cucumber line, the Cucumber Hippy is a perfect any time beer.

9 Outlier Carte, Kekule's Dream East Coast IPA 6.3% 355ml

According to the legend, August Kekulé had a vision while daydreaming by the fire. He saw atoms dance around and form into strings. The strings transformed into snakes that consumed their own tails. From this he solved the answer to a scientific riddle about the structure of Benzene.

Kekulé’s Dream is one of Outlier Cartels' proudest creations, having input from a vast array of helpers; Vulture’s Lane, one of Auckland’s premier Craft Beer Pubs; Adobe Photoshop who sponsored the beer; the designers who crafted the handsome label and of course, last but not least – those who drink the beer!

10 Ballast Point, Grunion Pale Ale 5.5% 355ml

The Grunion Pale Ale originated from an employee-only home brew contest, and is named after the tiny local fish known for late night frolics on the shore. A pair of new hop varieties lends strong yet balanced summer melon aromas and herbal flavours, while a soft caramel malt sweetness holds it all together.

11 Omnipollo, Zodiak IPA 6.2% 330 ml

This has a big blend of malts giving a large biscuity base on which 3 different hops perform their dance, being all at once fruity and floral with a piny, dry backbone.

12 Dugges, High Five IPA 6.5% 330ml

High Five is an American IPA with five types of alpha acid hops that create a well-disposed bitterness and bring out abundant notes of grapefruit, tropical fruit and pine.

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